Messenger Platform Bugs

»Is it just me, or... ?«
List of current platform bugs affecting Messenger chat bots

# Description Report Status Date
1 Messages rendering blank with black borders
Mobile only
603027670250384 Fixed Mar 18, 2020
2 Registered NPI pages cannot send outside 24hr
Affecting all versions
184826822821856 Fixed Mar 4, 2020
3 Messenger Extensions SDK fail
Affecting v254 only
182966366463270 Assigned Mar 3, 2020
4 Record audio icon not showing
Affecting specific app versions only
1098165013849717 Assigned Mar 3, 2020
5 Persistent menu not showing
Affecting specific app versions only, working in v254
248066379535688 Closed Feb 28, 2020
6 links using referral parameters not working
Affecting multiple app versions (iOS only?)
1097014660640216 Fixed Feb 26, 2020


Current iOS app version 282.0, current Android app version 282.0, last status update September 20.

If you or your users experience any of the listed behaviors/issues, please use the "same here" functionality on the Bug Reporting platform and add your details to the respective bug report, don't file a new report.



This page collects bug reports related to the Facebook Messenger Platform, mostly those affecting the API and related 3rd party services like chatfuel, ManyChat, Mobile Monkey and others, as well as custom Messenger integrations.
Reports are maintained manually and updated regulary.
Send me a message if you think a bug report is missing.