Messenger Platform Bugs

»Is it just me, or... ?«
List of current platform bugs affecting Messenger chat bots

# Description Report Status Date
1 Media its no loading into messenger Chat. However the media shows up in the tests performed in the blip tester. See image attached. 415434806349849 By design February 5, 2021
2 Template Button does not trigger messaging_postbacks webhook 4003426353000929 Assigned February 4, 2021
3 The field tags.source with value customer_chat_plugin no longer present 4006647662701406 Assigned February 3, 2021
4 Ice Breakers are displayed over message from Click To Messenger Ads - only on Mobile 206013214482563 Assigned February 3, 2021
5 Chat Plugin and takes to blank screen 433842781193621 Assigned February 3, 2021
6 On Android, getContext function does not return PSID 443121796833145 Assigned February 2, 2021
7 Send to Messenger doesn't trigger webhook in Chrome 3693628510722992 Assigned February 2, 2021
8 Buttons don't trigger webhook in Customer Chat for EEA affected pages 313567526706810 Assigned February 2, 2021
9 Unable to complete Messenger setup 1494400077433204 By design January 29, 2021
10 Unexpected internal error " for setting get started button 837892373455537 Assigned January 29, 2021
11 Duplicated items are shown when clicking "and 1 more" in receipt template view in Android messenger app 889190145229494 Assigned January 28, 2021
12 Persistent menu is not displayed 318930092750062 By design January 27, 2021
13 Cannot login as platform test user 791538364769942 Assigned January 25, 2021
14 Checkbox Messenger opt-in does not show 227675495683253 By design January 25, 2021
15 Messenger checkbox plugin not rendering 762576927693883 By design January 24, 2021
16 Unable to retrieve User Profile information with PSID from incoming message webhook. 439756967049204 Assigned January 22, 2021
17 Ice breakers are displayed along with Get Started on Android 904901656916773 Assigned January 19, 2021
18 persona feature does not work in messenger 401659537738419 By design January 17, 2021
19 Messenger bot not responding 816521978947689 By design January 16, 2021
20 API stats unavailable 163848725108250 Assigned January 15, 2021
21 page_messages_total_messaging_connections not available 2775239942740620 Assigned January 13, 2021
22 Page not receiving messages webhook 1133937177063315 Assigned January 12, 2021
23 Audio and Video recording button are no longer available on messenger web link 886467458775552 Assigned January 11, 2021
24 Some sponsored messages do not appear on Messenger in last few days. 2937168039840035 Assigned January 8, 2021
25 The page was connected to our app on 04/12/2020 and Send to Messenger widget was rendering fine but one day on 15/12/2020 the widget stopped to render but on checking the very next day the widget was rendering but now it has completely stopped to do so 389467502122249 By design December 30, 2020
26 Messenger Chat Plugin scrolls page to top when loading 619023102320436 Assigned August 24, 2020


Current iOS app version, current Android app version, last status update February 6th.

If you or your users experience any of the listed behaviors/issues, please use the "same here" functionality on the Bug Reporting platform and add your details to the respective bug report, don't file a new report.



This page collects bug reports related to the Facebook Messenger Platform, mostly those affecting the API and related 3rd party services like chatfuel, ManyChat, Mobile Monkey and others, as well as custom Messenger integrations.
Reports are maintained manually and updated regulary(ish).
Send me a message if you think a relevant ("assigned" and "by design" only) bug report is missing.